Spinning Parallex

I started spinning out Parallel worlds into Parallex Tales because, no one would write the story I wanted to read.  Of course I have realized that no one could write the story I wanted, no one could satisfy my infernally itchy curiosity bump. I was the one with the questions, and bless the internet I could find some answers.

As an old time science fiction/fantasy reader (so old time the first sci fi story I read was the  reprint  of ‘Illustrated Man’ by Ray Bradbury, probably in April of 1961, Amazing Magazine), I had been long been aware of  the vampire subcategory. At first I read through Chelsea Quinn Yarboro’s St. Germaine series.  Hey what ever happened to the resting in home earth concept – it hasn’t been mentioned in a couple of decades. Running water hasn’t either.

I also nurture a fondness for mysteries. Oddball mysteries, preferably with a strong, clever, female protagonist. Hey has any one ever read Bucket Nut by Liza Cody? Or The Sculptress by Minette Walters? Oddball. Interesting.

When I came across Shakespeare’s Landlord (Lily Bard Mysteries, Book 1) by Charlaine Harris, I was intrigued by the title (thinking it was perhaps historical) and snapped it off the library shelf.  Intrigued, and then hooked.

By the time The first of the Southern Vampire Mysteries was published I adored what CH was doing in her books. So much hard work, respect, and generosity has gone into her books that I stand amazed. She holds her head up and owns who she is. A witty, creative, steel magnolia. I salute her.

Then there were the rumors of a television adaptation, should I be elated or devastated?  I saw what they did to Heinlein’s ‘Starship Troopers’. Another good book on the killing room floor. No that wasn’t a typo.

Allan Ball, well, maybe. ‘Six Feet Under’ was pretty interesting. Good concepts, complex. Although the last season was a little over the top….I could see everyone throwing the scripts up in the air and playing it as it lay, what the hell, why not.

Ever the optimist, I anticipated the fun. I followed the progress of the show with Christmas morning, unfettered glee. By season four there was just stale popcorn in that bucket and I couldn’t be bothered to watch all of it.  n.b. more characters does not a great story make.

As usual the devil was in the details.

  • Gran’s kitchen. The wood work. Was. Dirty. Bleach is cheap. Gran would have used it.  Until the either the paint or the dirt was gone.  Probably both.
  • Gran’s kitchen.  Too much crap in it. That was not a working kitchen. That was left overs from the Ladies’ Bazaar.
  • Gran’s yard was not right for Louisiana…..where were her roses, hydrangeas and azaleas? She was very proud of them, although I don’ t think I’ve ever read CH mentioning hydrangeas, they are pretty standard.

  Credit, where credit is due:

  • Anna Pacquin is pretty amazing.  If I’d ever tried to walk with her bounce I’d throw my back out.
  • Stephen Moyer is an wonderful actor. Watch his other movies.
  • Seeing the chemistry develop between these two during the first season is one of the things that kept me coming back for more.
  • Alexander Skarsgård is young, he will grow into his acting chops.
  • Both Rutina Wesley and Nelsan Ellis make the show, without their verve and sparkle – it would be as flat as last year’s latkesNow for the confusion: Allan Hyde/Godric.  WTF
  • Absolutely cherish-able, but cut out of whole cloth.  He is neither Godfrey nor Appius Livius Ocella. What is it with those tattoos? Some of my sticking points.
  • Saint Godric of Finchale was born in 1065 – which is the first recorded mention of the name Godric, it seems to be a Christian artifact.,  So not the original name, if you going to change an archaic form to keep up with the times, then you would keep on doing so
  • Appius Livius Ocella was an old time Roman, maybe 50 BCE. Which would make him around 1000 years old when he turned Eric at 900 CE. Right era, right age
  • Truism, and consistent within fan fiction, the older the vampire, the stronger the vampire, the older the maker, the stronger the child.
  • Northman is known for his strong vampire attributes.

Conclusion: Eric’s maker was either Appius Livius Ocella or a vampire of comparable age.

So, if we want to keep a kind of continuity and probability within the world of True Blood fan fiction Godric needs a backstory set within the appropriate milieu. I mean if I’m going to wig out about the dirt on Gran’s woodwork I will truly flip my shit over out of context tattoos.
It is like chasing armadillos in Australia. Not going to happen. So simple, yet so wrong.
So that is what got me spinning….Godric’s tattoos, and making it right.
Herewith is my own red pencil version of Godric’s story, why he has those tattoos, what made him so wild as a young vampire, and what ultimately saved his soul.