15 The Last Sunset

The Last Sunset

200 CE

Tod wasn’t dreaming, not really; it was more as though he were mired in a rising reverie. He wondered if it were part of his healing, he seemed to drift off into downtime pretty often. Continue reading

12 After the Battle – part the second

After the Battle – part 2


Cat was the priest, but also an intuitive tracker and subtle hunter. He’d come hotfoot as soon as he’d gotten word of Kit’s capture. The other men rumbled around for a bit, making arrangements, then jogged off to see what Cat’d found. Continue reading

11 After the Battle – part the first

After the Battle


Tod was roused by Honey’s sleepy protest as Bird was lifting her from his arms. “Tod, my man, I’m just putting Honey on the sleeping bench. Why don’t I help you get over there too?”

Yes, that would be good. She was warm, it was almost dawn, it would be good to fall back into the darkness and heal. Continue reading