20 By the Light of the Silvery Moon

By the Light of the Silvery Moon

At its apex, the moon appraised the Rhine valley, picking out the straight lines of human endeavor, the right angles of the latifunda1, the allées of trees leading to the farms, the terraces of grapevines, the road drawn toward the city of Confluentes2. The miniature figure of a horse had just enough wit left to carry its head at an angle the reins trailing to one side, as it tore in the direction of that city.

The sounds of terror shook the air and the scent of sweet horse blood and dung overlay the road. Soon this would be spiked with the sharper note of human blood and open omnivore gut.

The horse that didn’t get away still screamed from the pain the dragur had caused in his rush to get at the red cloaks. The pitiful noise not only woke the children but irritated Tod enough for him to turn and deal a backhanded slap that broke the beast’s neck, before he went back to pulling bits off the messengers. Continue reading

16 Mirror, Mirror

Even though the granny kept asking questions Honey stood and stretched her back while keeping an eye on the soldier. Sweet Mother, thank you; I didn’t think this was possible. She remembered telling Tod: “you’d make a great baby-daddy if you were still human.” There he stood, the same gray eyes, a little older, certainly darker, with a wonderful spark of humor quirking the corner of his mouth.

Horse was being pursued across the marketplace by a relentless street urchin.

“Citizen, sir, you won’t be sorry. My sister is very fine.” puff, puff “A real blond and very young.”

Eldjarn, the Horse rounded on the boy and firmly told him to get lost. “I’m not interested in your sister, your mother or your aunt!”

“Citizen, citizen! My brother is skilled in the lost arts of the east. He is the delight of many! Only three As.”

Horse growled down at him: “I don’t want your public toilet of a brother either! I’ve got business to tend to, mihi molestus ne sis!1” and tossed a clipped coin in the kid’s direction. Continue reading

13 In the Shadows

In the Shadows

58 BCE

‘Tura hadn’t known much about being a vampire, her maker, Yaz, had been killed before he said anything useful. Not that he had a mind to tell her much since he was a grimly silent, arrogant, vicious predator with no interest in ‘Tura beyond sex and using her as bait. ‘Tura was no jewel either, quite the vixen, with multitudinous and voracious appetites. Never did bother to clean up after herself, which would be the end of her. Ha! Continue reading

9 A Wyrd Thing – part the third

Laying out the Runes

Honey curled up dozing in Tod’s arms after their blood exchange; he lost himself staring into the fire. His maker had punished him frequently for acting on his human emotions but his  training as  a priest and a leader was deeply ingrained. He was meant to garner honor as a warrior, shepherd his people, and spiritually intercede for them.  Not to be a careless murderer and thief… Continue reading